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Mooney Guzzi Photos - 2001 through 2002 (click "Contents" above to see photos).

Moto Guzzi EV11 (1100cc). Purchased in 2001 from Uncommon Motorcycles (814.725.0916,

New Guzzi motocycle saddle by Bill Mayer Saddles in March of 2002. When I called they were very friendly. They set my production date one month out. Cost was in the mid 500 dollar range for the double seat (no backrest).

I sent in the seat a week in advance, and it was returned to me a little over a week after my scheduled date. It was well packed, in a box half again as large as I expected.

The seat is fantastic. My rider was very uncomfortable on the stock Guzzi seat (something we expected when we bought it). We had waited a year to be sure we loved the bike before getting the new seat. Before the new seat, a half hour on the bike was uncomfortable. At this point an hour does not bother either of us. I am sure this summer will bring many long rides.

Bill Mayer Saddles: 1-800-242-7625.

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